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This is BuckTales, a section of the where 100's of Buck pictures are on proud display.

Trophy deer hunting shouldn't be about paying big wads of cash to harvest a monster buck under less than natural conditions.

Trophy deer hunting should be about who puts in the time and who has deer hunting knowledge and respect for white tailed deer.

This is the reason we came up with the idea for this web-site, Real Bucks by Real Hunters. We believe all the buck pictures listed here are trophies, because all of the were earned the old fashion way, by hunting them.

If you paid to hunt on private land, then post your picture somewhere else. isn't like some of the other hunting site on the web. We don't spend the money to be listed in all the fancy search engines, and we don't have a paid staff who's hobby is to hunt inside of fences on the weekends.

When we first came up with the idea of a hunting website, we wanted to zero in on the genuine qualities that make up Real Hunters and Real Bucks. Thus came the Real Bucks by Real Hunters concept.

What does this stand for? Simple; A real buck is one that doesn't result from a "canned hunt" that was staged inside a fence. To bag a Real Buck, one does not sit in a predetermined position over a pile of bait. No, a Real Hunter uses his or her knowledge, skill and a bit of luck to harvest a deer under NATURAL conditions.

Too many trophy bucks these days are nothing more than glorified farm animals, animals that are trained to approach a food source at predictable times, while coming from predictable directions. Hunters who spend the most cash get their name in the record books and earn the instant title of "Trophy Hunter". The real shame is, it's probably just as easy to shoot a goat at the local zoo.

We don't shoot caged animals around here, and we don't want them posted in our Real Bucks BuckTales gallery either. All the deer recorded here are REAL TROPHIES, harvested by REAL HUNTERS, under REAL CONDITIONS. Guided hunters need not apply for membership on BuckTales.? If you paid to hunt on private land,? post your pseudo-trophy deer pictures elsewhere!

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